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Property Insurance

Protect your Property Today

Most business owners are aware of the risks they face, but many may not realize how common certain types of claims are and how costly they can be. Property claims make up a significant portion of small business claims. Here are some of the most common property claims that have impacted small businesses recently:


Hail and Wind Damage

Freezing Water Damage

Fire Damage

Burglary Insurance


Hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes are also significant sources of property damage for businesses. While they may occur less frequently than the more common events above, every year they cause billions of dollars in losses for businesses of all sizes.


If you don’t recognize or understand the risks you face, you are more vulnerable to financial disaster and even bankruptcy if your business is affected by one of these events. As a business owner, you need to protect your assets with appropriate business property insurance that addresses the risks you face. And more importantly, you need to know what your building property insurance does and does not cover. In many cases, you will need a variety of insurance policies to be sure that you are protected.


H & S Insurance Services, LLC. can help you compare multiple insurance quotes to get the best rates on business property coverage.

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